Youth Services

School Ages 5 and Up

Home, School or Center-based Services that focus on Communication, Functional Life Skills, Behavioral Concerns and Transitional Services.

" We are very pleased..."

“ We are very pleased with our son’s home staff from The Nicholas Center. They are very knowledgeable in Autism and ABA! Our son is making wonderful progress with his programs and we finally feel confident that our son is in good hands…”

  • ​The Nicholas Center provides 1:1 home, center-based or school instruction
  • Provides supervision, parent or staff training and consultation for school aged students over the age of 5.
  • Develop programs and offer well trained teachers in the areas of applied behavior analysis.
  • Focus on utilizing a science based approaches (ABA) to improve social, communication and behavioral challenges.
  • ​Offers Pre-Vocational & Transitional Services for Teens and Young Adults(Read More)

We contract with private families, local school districts and NYC Dept. of Education in an effort to provide these services.

Please see our Application Page for more information on enrollment and participation. or Contact us today for more information.