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Teen Services

Transition Age Up to 21

Nicholas Center develops innovative programs that cater to individuals as they prepare for “life after high school”. Including well renowned pre-vocational and employment readiness opportunities and summer programs. Nicholas Center offers small ratios, structured settings and well trained teachers and instructors. It provides skill development in life-skills, work readiness and independent living skills. 

"Nicholas Center serves as a tremendous resource for the transition students who need to work on community and independent living skills , as well as those who are in need of “real” work experience. What our students have gained at its programs, is certainly effective and invaluable.” Nicholas Center help deliver services that foster specific goals from IEPs and assist School Districts in delivering State and Federal mandated services. 

  • 1:1  Lifeskills training within the center or in your home. We work on self-help, independent living skills as mandated by the person's IEP or Valued Outcomes.
  • Onsite transitional services in pre-employment and work-readiness skills include  various opportunities in the community at large and are not limited to:

1.  Apparel Decorating in a community business, Spectrum Designs

2. Culinary Preparation & Processing, at Spectrum Bakes, creating our famous customizable edible granola favors for private affairs and businesses.

3. Reporting & Writing through our Community Paper, Navigator News! Focus on researching, writing and contributing fun news, trivia, facts, community highlights and much more!

4. Laundry & Housekeeping, with Spectrum Suds, an on-site Laundry Boutique providing an alternative to commercialized laundry services for in-house, community members and local businesses in our area.  (It also helps teach skills needed for independent living! )

5. Exploration and Discovery through our Work readiness Curriculum, students are engaged in structured and interactive "classroom"  instruction that emphasizes preferences, talents and dreams – not limitations.  The curriculum assists students in defining visions of lifestyles that they would like to attain, and the requirements needed to attain that goal.  The curriculum helps them think about work as a reality for them, and for those who already know that they’d like to work, teaching the skills employers want.


Job coaching/Vocational/Transitional Services: (Individual) $65 p/h

Job coaching/Vocational/Transitional Services: (Group) $45 p/h

(3:1 ratio)

Full time Summer Transitional Program (6 weeks ) No transportation or Nursing Services  available.

$40 p/h (small group) or

$65 p/h (1:1)

Part Time Summer enrollees Fees are $65 p/h for 1:1 or $45 p/h for those who are in groups of 3.


By offering various avenues to work training in purposeful and authentic work settings, students generalize and apply years of acquired skills into our functional work related environments.

Please see our Application Page for more information on enrollment and participation. Or Contact us today for more information.

"Nicholas Center is providing a great resource to districts..."