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If you're looking to have an enriching, educational and engaging  summer .... Join us !

 Nicholas Center offers a unique kind of summer experience.  Whether its learning how to work in a Apparel Decorating Shop, helping around town at movie theaters, thrift stores and animal shelters , working on fitness, sports and wellness goals in the movement and exercise gyms, navigating the community and exploring all the great activities it has to offer, socializing, communicating and recreating with peers, making edible party favors for private parties  in our culinary studio and commercial kitchen, assisting in the  housekeeping and  laundry boutique to foster  independent living skills, learn graphic and computer skills in our computer studio, or contributing to our community newspaper; Nicholas Center offers a full day of enrichment, variety and meaningful participation. We assist all of our participants in applying, maintaining and even acquiring new skills during the summer months.

And YES! We also make sure to add in some FUN! After all, it IS summer! We look forward to seeing you all.

Call if you have any questions about enrollment. 516 767 7177 ext 410  or email

Nicholas Center, Ltd. operates two (2) Summer Sessions; one for district age individuals and another for young adults who are OPWDD waiver approved.


What are you doing this summer?