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A Boutique Laundry Facility offering Spas, and local customers with an alternative to commercialized laundry services. 

A Customized Apparel Decorating Company offering Screen Printing, Embroidery & Digital Printing for Businesses and Special Events! 

A Culinary Studio creating edible favors for Special Events & Gift Giving

Social Enterprises

A Monthly Community Publication featuring lite news, silly facts, community highlights  and family friendly topics, For FREE! 

The concept is simple...

The Nicholas Center has a commitment to establishing partnerships with successful community based businesses which can open doors to potential employment and training opportunities to individuals with autism who wish to explore various work industries.  

Nicholas Center is not a job placement agency, but can provide the support you need to be successful in work related endeavors, should the opportunity arise.

Through its special partnership with Spectrum Designs Foundation, and other community neighbor businesses, we can offer diverse offerings in various industries such as:

apparel decoration, urban farming, culinary , laundry and housekeeping and landscaping & sanitation!

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Spectrum Enterprises.

A social enterprise is a business that simultaneously fills a social need. They reinvest  their revenues to further their missions.