​​​​​Our Mission
to support individuals with autism in leading full and productive lives in the community.

Our Goal

Nicholas Center's goal is to deliver services which allow our participants to lead healthy and active lifestyles which foster meaningful relationships,  access to daily opportunities that promote independence, employment, skill building, enrichment and full participation in the community.

People       Professionalism     Community     Innovation     Integrity

Our Core Values

We believe in putting the needs of the people we serve first, everything flows from that belief. We believe our employees are our greatest asset in achieving our mission, and commit to their ongoing development , engagement and job satisfaction.


We believe workplace conduct directly impacts the people we serve, staff morale and donor confidence. 
We believe in assessment and evaluation of performance levels to ensure accountability toward all our core values.


​We believe in being woven into the fabric of the community and strive to be actively involved in partnerships that sustain that. We believe in showing appreciation , humility and respect to those who give freely of their time and resources.


​We believe in creative, inventive and fresh ideas that further or sustain our mission and purposes.
We believe in reevaluation of current methods and have an open mind to consider all things in a flexible and responsible way.​


We believe in developing processes that uphold our fiduciary responsibilities as a public charity and human service entity.
We believe in the recruitment of skilled and trained professionals and advisors that will maintain the quality of having strong moral principles and uprightness.

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