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The Nicholas Center was founded,  largely due to the challenges and concerns we had for the young adult community .  The organization is committed to being a resource to this vulnerable, and often under served population.  The goals are simplistic, but very effective. The center seeks to understand and respond to the specific needs of each individual. Its main goal, is to provide daily opportunities for those who wish to lead productive and meaningful lives with maximum community participation. There are a variety of services and offerings we can offer you as a young adult! 

  • OPWDD WAIVER SERVICES:  The Nicholas Center provides Hourly Community Habilitation and  Hourly Community  Pre-Vocational Services.  

Community Habilitation  is a waiver service designed to assist individuals to reach their highest level of independence regarding personal, social, and daily living skills and to promote community inclusion. This can be offered within an individual's home or in the community at large to facilitate and promote independence and community integration. Community Habilitation provides purposeful , person-centered and goal oriented activities for adults with IDD/DD.

Community Habilitation through Nicholas Center also offers skill training in traveling, health and wellness, personal care, informed choice and life safety. Individuals may also opt to participate in volunteer groups , where they will learn about different job types by visiting job sites  and offering them  an introduction to the world of work.

Nicholas Center offers these services with a focus on community integration in every-day community settings but also incorporates a state of the art non certified facility for  activities that increase Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills.

This program incorporates individual services and small groups of 2-4 clients. Services are based on an Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Community Pre Vocational Services are those services waiver that provide learning and work experiences  where  individuals  can develop general  skills that will enable them to attain the highest level of work in the most integrated setting with a job that matches to their interests, strengths and abilities.  Individuals receiving this services must have employment-related goals. The optimal outcome of pre vocational services is competitive, integrated employment in the community where an individual is compensated at or above minimum wage.

Nicholas Center offers skills training within the community to develop and teach general skills such as ; the ability to communicate with work-related supervisors, co-workers and customers, general workplace conduct,  hygiene and dress,  the ability to follow directions, complete tasks, problem solving skills , workplace safety and appropriate behaviors in and outside the workplace. When necessary and appropriate skills can also be taught in our classroom setting at  our Port Washington location as well as volunteering in various community locations.

This program incorporates individual services and small groups of 2-4 clients. Services are based on an Individualized Service Plan (ISP). 

  • We provide community based work assessments, job coaching, supported employment through ACCES-VR. Have your counselor contact us for availability.

  • We offer individualized and small group ratios to maximize the quality of services we can deliver to each person. Express your interest and join the waiting list by filling out a general intake form. NOTE: WE DO NOT PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION AT THIS TIME . We DO NOT have a Nurse on Staff.

  • The Nicholas Center also serves private clientele. Fees range from $20 to $65 per hour depending on the service and level of support.

  • All of our offerings throughout the year, including the SUMMER, are available to  Young Adults and can be funded through OPWDD waiver services . Have your MSC/Broker contact us.  You must have Community Habilitation and/or Prevocational services  approved prior to starting. FILL OUT A GENERAL INTAKE FORM

Adult Services