Dave Thompson
Director of Workforce Development
Dave manages the day to day employment supports and assignments  for our workforce at Spectrum Designs  and serves as their ambassador so they may achieve their work related goals.  Dave ensures the work site is designed to foster independence and success!

A mother's love...

The story behind

our mission

Mia Dibra
Billing Supervisor 
Mia ensures all service provisions are documented , accurate and submitted . She makes sure the organization is in compliance with all necessary paperwork to provide the  highest level of quality services.

Anna Moeller
Program Coordinator
Anna is in charge of a team of bakers who assist in the day-to-day production  needs of Spectrum Bakes,  a local granola kitchen.  She provides the team of volunteers  with any skill-training support to help them  achieve their work-related goals ! Anna also directs the graphics arts department who spearhead our Navigator News publication!

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Laura Wootton
Executive Assistant & Human Resource Director
Laura supports the organization with the everyday office activities critical to its operations and growth. She ensures our employees are well  informed of their benefit and handles matters that support their employment experience at the Nicholas Center.

Stefanie Weinz
Program Coordinator
Stefanie ensures individualized support and work skills are provided to a team of volunteers in charge of a boutique laundry service, Spectrum Suds.  She also heads the house and grounds keeping department, helping participants achieve many of their independent  living goals!

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Angie Lazaridis
Angie handles all of our financial recording to ensure we are on track and  fiscally healthy and sound. She handles all employee related  transactions and is an integral part of the financial management team.

About Us

Our mission is simple...

individualized attention small ratios 

unwavering commitment

Allison Schear
Educational  & Behavioral Consultant
Allison ensures that each member of our team is trained and our service delivery leads to progress which is  significant and meaningful. Allison makes sure each participant receives the appropriate level of support to maximize their fullest potential!
Nicole Sugrue
Executive Director
Nicole is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the organization. She ensures the organization is thriving, upholding its mission and achieving all of its goals and objectives. Nicole ensures operational integrity and quality services for all NC clients.
It takes a team of dedicated people to make sure our center is fulfilling its mission. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.
 to assist people with autism in leading full, productive and meaningful lives. 
Jeremy Scalchunes
Vocational Supervisor

Jeremy makes sure the participants are given the extra support they need to be successful on their work sites. He promotes their strengths as well as help them discover new talents and interests!

Stella selects her


She knew she needed to surround herself with committed, driven and experienced individuals. She didn't need to look too far, or ask twice; Patrick Bardsley and Nicole Sugrue were more than willing to help Stella realize her visions  for The Nicholas Center.

Stella Spanakos
Director of Development
Stella is the heartbeat of our Fundraising and Development Goals.  She helps us achieve our fundraising and development objectives while fostering critical relationships within our community.
Kerin Sweezey
Workforce Supervisor
Kerin makes work a reality for all the  individuals she assists at their place of employment and work training.  She ensures the workforce  at Spectrum Designs are fully engaged and productive and are experiencing maximum success!

Brooke Mellett
Program Coordinator
Brooke spearheads our Navigators Program, which promotes independence and community participation . She ensures each person is learning , being productive  and leading meaningful lives in the community! She also supports a team of individuals who volunteer throughout the community. 

A dream team to deliver unsurpassed quality services.

The Board of

Directors of The

Nicholas Center

President,  Amy Beyer

Vice President, Wes Smith

Secretary, Patrick Bardsley

Treasurer, John Bowman 

Member, Stella Spanakos

Every nonprofit has its story. The inspiration behind the creation of The Nicholas Center was ... Nicholas.  A beautiful boy who is profoundly affected by his autism diagnosis.  Despite the tireless efforts of his loving parents, who left no stone unturned in providing him with the best of interventions, Nicholas continued to struggle with communicating and completing tasks that did not require another's supervision and support. His parents recognized early on, that Nicholas' life would come with many challenges to overcome and his mother was now left to plan for their only child's future, alone.  Stella was devastated, but very quickly realized, how unpredictable and precious life was. 

She was determined to ensure that her only child Nicholas, and others like him, would have access to daily opportunities for personal growth, community participation, and purpose. She wanted to ensure that regardless of how affected a child was from their autism, The Nicholas Center would bring comfort to their families. 
Today, the center serves as a place of comfort for many families who often thought  "what will happen to them when I am no longer here?" Furthermore, it stands as a lasting tribute in honor of Stella's beloved husband and Nicholas' father, Paul C. Kitsos and a reminder of a mother's special love for their beautiful son.