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A mother's love...

The story behind

our mission

Our mission is simple...

 to support individuals with autism lead full and productive lives in the community.

The Board of Directors 

Nicholas Center

President,  Amy Beyer

Vice President, Wes Smith

Secretary, Patrick Bardsley

Treasurer, John Bowman 

Member, Stella Spanakos

Every nonprofit has its story. The inspiration behind the creation of The Nicholas Center was ... Nicholas.  A beautiful boy who is profoundly affected by his autism diagnosis.  Despite the tireless efforts of his loving parents, who left no stone unturned in providing him with the best of interventions, Nicholas continued to struggle with communicating and completing tasks that did not require another's supervision and support. His parents recognized early on, that Nicholas' life would come with many challenges to overcome and his mother was now left to plan for their only child's future, alone.  Stella was devastated, but very quickly realized, how unpredictable and precious life was. 

She was determined to ensure that her only child Nicholas, and others like him, would have access to daily opportunities for personal growth, community participation, and purpose. She wanted to ensure that regardless of how affected a child was from their autism, The Nicholas Center would bring comfort to their families. 
Today, the center serves as a place of comfort for many families who often thought  "what will happen to them when I am no longer here?" Furthermore, it stands as a lasting tribute in honor of Stella's beloved husband and Nicholas' father, Paul C. Kitsos and a reminder of a mother's special love for their beautiful son.

 Our goal is to deliver services which allow our participants to lead healthy and active lifestyles which foster meaningful relationships,  access to daily opportunities that promote independence, employment, skill building, enrichment and full participation in the community.